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Your comfort in our clothes is our mission. We use state of the art technologies to develop jeans that adapt to your body’s movement and characteristics.

Engineered for Comfort

These jeans were carefully designed and engineered in scientific laboratories at MIT and UMinho to match the dynamic of active life styles – enhancing comfort and fit in a moving world.

The most sophisticated imaging technology and thermodynamic sensors were employed to optimize these materials and designs. 3D body scanner, sensors, all continue to be mainstay of FYT development paradigm.

Because you live in a dynamic world your clothes must have dynamic fit to respond.



Elazer R. Edelman

Biomedical engineer and cardiologist, Elazer Edelman applies his multidisciplinary background to translational research in medicine and health care. Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at MIT, and of Medicine at Harvard Medical School he directs MIT’s Biomedical Engineering Center, and serves as Senior Attending Physician in the Brigham and Women's Hospital Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.


Miguel Angelo Carvalho

Textile engineer, Professor and researcher in the Center of Science and Textile Technology at UMinho. Visiting Professor at MIT and IC2/UTexas. Miguel Carvalho heads a cross-functional team dedicated to the research and development of value-add products leveraging leading-edge technologies to improve comfort, protection and performance. His focus research involves clothing and textile design, ergonomics, anthropometrics, and development of functional and interactive materials.

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