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The Entrepreneur jean™ for men


The Entrepreneur jean™ for men


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Styled straight, tailored fit brings modern sophistication to a traditional straight leg style. The classic 5-pocket jean is produced with dark and clean selvage slightly stretched denim and contrast stitching, enhanced with a discrete stretch band for comfort. This tailored profile is a standout option for creating sharp, sophisticated yet an authentically lived-in look that's versatile enough to work for dress-up days and casual evening outings.

Designed and engineered for the way you lead your life in the 21st century, this FYT Jeans are the most versatile and comfortable clothing you’ve ever experienced. They will move with you!

The Entrepreneur jean style has all the four innovative FYT jeans innovations:

  • Because your knee is bent most of the time, the excess material that accumulates on the back of trouser knees was strategically removed, reducing temperature, humidity and pressure (up to 77% compression reduction in the backside of the knee and 65% in the front side); 
  • Hidden elastic embedded in the waistband accommodates to changes waist dimensions with shifting posture, reducing compressive forces where the trousers grip the waist by 90%;
  • Because inseam (crotch) length varies considerably when sitting, the FYT Jeans design and engineering incorporates an invisible zipper in the sacral area (hidden in a traditional jeans seam – yoke) allowing for added inseam length when sitting. A discrete inner elastic tissue, the same color and look of The Entrepreneur denim, masks the extra material, adds comfort and reduces compressive forces in the crotch by 55% and 50% in the sacral;
  • Back pockets can create pressure forces and were reconfigured in The Entrepreneur jeanWith this interior pocket (topstitched in the outside as a regular exterior pocket) and limiting the pocket length to the point of contact with the support surface, assures the highest level of comfort when seated, reducing max forces up to 30%.

    We are very proud of these innovative designs and are sure you will look for them every morning!

    Only with your support will we be able to fund further research and development into more ergonomic clothing - and to expand production of FYT pants in a larger variety of sizes, cuts, washes, and fabrics.


    FIT & SIZE

    Composition: Dark Denim, 98% Cotton, 2% Elasthane


    Sizes Men: 28 - 29 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34

    • Inseam: 30, 32 and 34"



    Machine wash cold with like colors, inside out. Do not bleach. Iron medium, if needed. Low tumble dry, if needed.

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